A proven formula for success

We have a tailored, proven process for success with HubSpot, refined by successfully utilizing it with 70+ clients.

What sets us apart from the rest

Why Tenten

We know you’ll compare us to a few other agencies, and everyone promises you the world. All we can do is tell you how we like to work and then you can decide if we’re a good match. Here are some key things to know about our process.

What are the benefits of working with us?

One-stop digital marketing service

We believe in transparency

Digital marketing isn't the most tangible thing ever, we get that. As a result, we have an open project management system so you can see what we're working on.

We strive for innovation

We want to introduce you to new processes, services, marketing tools, or products to affect positive change in your business.

We tailor your package to your goals

Whether you’re a solopreneur or an established business owner, we assess your needs and provide a tailored solution that aligns with your goals.

We are qualified experts

Our professional team with years of experience comes from all around the world, bringing with them a depth of understanding and expertise.

We love to share our marketing knowledge

Sharing knowledge of our passion pushes us to become better at what we do!

More than 78,700 companies in over 120 countries across the globe rely on HubSpot to grow their business

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We target the full buyer's journey and flywheel

A one-stop solution for marketing, sales and customer management

Without visitors, you won’t get any leads, and then you can’t close any customers. That’s why the inbound marketing cycle starts with attracting visitors to your site. In today’s market, you need a multi-channel approach to stand out against the competition and be heard above the noise.

Attract more visitors and convert into leads

Find out the potential customers and build brand loyalty

We are an international full-service marketing agency that excels at marketing automation, data aggregation, and designing innovative customer experience. When you have marketing needs that extend beyond your team, you need an agency that understands how to help companies grow.

Our proven method to ensure long-term inbound marketing success

Our steps

Inbound success isn't an accident. We value growth through detailed planning and precise execution because we know it works. We start this phase with a face to face discovery and kick-off meeting before we begin working in earnest on your personas - the cornerstone of inbound success.

During this phase, the key strategic work for the partnership takes place. We do extensive persona and keyword research, a full and strategic content audit, create a style guide so we can adapt your company voice, document the buyer's journey, conduct competitor research, and quite a lot more besides. All these pieces come together to form your inbound strategy.

As soon as we’ve finalized your personas and you’ve given us the thumbs-up, we’ll start putting together your first campaign plan. This involves extensive industry research, from keywords to topics. Once we’ve got the plan together, we’ll present our ideas to you and you can give us some feedback so we can start shaping the final product together.

This is where we fine-tune and optimize your HubSpot platform. Or, if you're new to the platform, build it up from scratch. We iron out all the back-end of HubSpot so that your automation is effective, your data is all being tracked properly and your notifications are useful and timely. In short, making sure you can get everything you should be getting from the powerful tool that is HubSpot.

Following the presentation of your overarching inbound strategy, it's time to deliver your first campaign. This involves some more preparatory keyword research (and lots of it) and other campaign planning. For example, your first 90 days' worth of content will be planned and given to you for sign off. Once that happens, we get to work putting content live

Our final phase is all about getting ready to go live. We meet up after our weeks of hard work and show you what we've created in one handy presentation (don't worry, you'll still see everything as it's completed in the meantime). You'll see all your strategic documents together and have them fully explained and discussed.

Our happy clients

Create the real returns on your investment and keep growing your business

We partner with brands at all stages of growth, all over the world. Together we work across verticals and timezones to come up with bold ideas and bring them to life.

Why choose us?

We help startup founders, company leaders and stakeholders solve critical business problems as a team using tested and proven systems. At Tenten, we become part of your team and handle each project with a startup mindset.

We grow businesses by creating experiences people love.

As a digital agency with a collective mix of skills, experiences, ideas and know-how, our team has an excellent eye for detail & craftsmanship. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, we gathering all the talented people together, to complete every goal we want to achieve.

This level of partnership is awarded to agencies that manage a number of businesses on HubSpot and rewards those agencies that are able to continually deliver growth to those businesses, while following HubSpot best practices across the platform.

We are a team of marketer, strategists, designers and developers working with ambitious leaders and companies to launch ideas and change businesses.