Email marketing

Email marketing is not dead! Leverage email marketing the right way to attract more leads.

Use email marketing the right way

The most effective email marketing strategies

Surprise! Email marketing in not dead. If you’re not seeing results in your email marketing, it could be that you’re not using email marketing the right way. Let’s learn how we can do it right!


Segment your contacts based on their preference, such as the products they’re interested in or their location. Make your emails be something they will be interested in.

Personalize the email

Further make your emails more relevant to the receivers by making them more personalized, such as featuring their last purchased products in the email, to improve your clickthrough rate.

Good design

Presenting the information you want to address in the emails in a beautiful but more important an easy-ready layout to allow readers to quickly know the points. Make sure the emails display properly on all devices.

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HubSpot is an all-in-one, integrated marketing platform

Hubspot is an integrated marketing platform

Marketing automation allows you to centralize and automate key marketing actions within your business, usually through a marketing automation software tool like HubSpot.