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Market your ideas the right way and let your creativity shine.

Kick off your project

Create the real investment value and bring the project back to track

Got a business idea that you need to market? We may just be who you’re looking for! We help businesses to market their innovative ideas on crowdfunding platforms to get more resources with our expertise in marketing, design, technology, and international experiences.

Services that we provide

We help startup founders, company leaders and stakeholders solve critical business problems as a team using tested and proven systems. At Tenten, we become part of your team and handle each project with a startup mindset.


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The region isn’t in our way. The crowdfunding marketing services we offer aren’t limited to borders thanks to our team of international experiences. Here are the platforms we work on:


Roadmap to success

Only 3 steps and help your brand awareness grow

A successful campaign doesn’t come without planning and tactics. Here’s how we do to make brilliant business ideas known to the public.
  • 1. Research & preparation

    We carry out research on the target market and competitors to identify and brainstorm the differentiation of your business idea that we could use to market and plan the strategy. In this phase, we will also onboard clients on the rules of the crowdfunding platform and guide them to prepare the document needed for setting up a campaign.

  • 2. Campaign management

    This phase involves digitally creating brand awareness and brand image leveraging social media marketing, paid media, landing page and etc. before the launch on the crowdfunding platform. After the launch, we'd track and monitor the performance to optimize and maximize the output of the campaign.

  • 3. Direction

    In the last phase, we will advise our clients how they can carry on marketing their products. But this doesn't have to be where we say goodbye. We also have marketing services that help business drive growth in the marketplace.

Projects we have done

Our clients who stand out from the crowd on the fundraising platform

We have managed multiple high-profile crowdfunding campaigns, delivering success.

SwitchEasy Glass

The Jet Black is the most popular color for iPhone 7. Unfortunately its also the most delicate phone Apple has ever created. With its pure dark shell, It’s prone to fingerprints, it's a dust magnet, and the casing can amplify the tiniest scratches on its surface.

Funds raised: $82,134 USD
Funded 100%


VANMOOF was an ambitious young Dutch company that was born from a love for bicycles and a hunger for change. With a talented young development team and a fresh business approach, VANMOOF pursues only one goal: help the ambitious urbanite worldwide move around town by bike in style.

Funds raised: $1,142,800+US
Funded 100%

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy

CoverBuddy is designed for users who doesn't want to carry bulk but wants full protection. Made with super strong Polycarbonate at 1.5mm thickness, it's strong enough to protect, yet thin enough to get unnoticed!

Funds raised: $5,381 USD
Funded 53%