Creative & branding

We bring your business upstream into the brand’s value proposition and downstream into today’s curious customers.

People-based marketing

Simple, clear concepts and practicality

Using a human-centric, solution-based framework, we create a meaningful experience that aligns your brand values, communications, and business model.

What's marketing automation?

Briefly speaking

Using software to automate your repetitive marketing tasks, such as sending followup emails and etc. Marketing automation is more than just sending email, it can also help you with your management of CRM, grow your business, and much more.

Our approach to fuel your business

Only 3 steps and help your brand awareness grow

We create and execute strategies that help brands make a lasting impact. We believe there are better ways for brands to connect with consumers, partners, and channels.

  • 1. Insight

    At Tenten, we always start with why. We take an honest look at your current brand perception through evaluation of what the company, employees, and competitors are currently doing and saying. We provide sophisticated market analysis along with a well-rounded buyer persona that can be used to guide your marketing efforts and social outreach.

  • 2. Creative strategy

    We believe in branding from inside out. Starting with your brand's value proposition, we define who you are, what your brand stands for and why your brand matters to your customer. Then we craft a meaningful experience to enable connections between your brand and customer.

  • 3. Brand activation

    Powered by the data and creativity, your brand is positioned for long-term success. From the deepest understanding of your brand's essence, we help you continuously communicate your values to your customers in the modern marketing world.

See what we did and who we helped grow

Think outside the box

Over the years, we have delivered creative and innovative solutions to our clients across different industries using our expertise in design and technology, and creativity. Maybe this sounds vague to you. So why not take a look at what we did? Click the button below and learn more about our work.